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QRP ARCI New Year Sprint

January 1, 1500Z - 1800Z
4SQRP Second Sunday Sprint

Second Sunday of every month
7 PM - 9 PM Central Time
NAQCC Regular Monthly Sprint

Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov - 3rd Wednesday evening (usa time)
Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec - 2nd Tuesday evening (usa time)
Flying Pigs WALK for the BACON (PigWalk40)
This is a 2-part, QRS, Slow Speed Contest using 5 and no more that 13 WPM
First Wednesday of every month, starts 0000Z, ends 0100Z
The following Day, starts 0200Z, ends 0300Z
Flying Pigs RUN for the BACON (The Original PigRun)

Third Sunday of every month
starting 2300Z Sunday & ending 0100Z Monday
NAQCC 160M Sprint

4th Wednesday evening (usa time) in January
AzScQRPions FYBO Contest

1st Saturday in February, 1400Z - 2400Z
QRP ARCI Spring Thaw SSB Shootout

2nd Saturday in March, 2200Z - 2300Z
QRP ARCI Spring QSO Party

2nd Saturday in April, 0000Z - 0600Z
QRP ARCI - Hamvention Contest

May 16, 2020, 1200Z - 2400Z
QRP ARCI Hoot Owl Shootout

4th Monday in May, 0000Z - 0100Z
NAQCC mW Sprint

2nd Tuesday evening (usa time) in June
QRP ARCI - Field Day Contest

June 27 & 28, 2020
QRP ARCI Summer Homebrew Sprint

2nd Sunday in July, 2000Z - 2300Z
FPqrp - Pig Out Sprint (POS)
July 26 2020, 1700Z - 2100Z
Place Holder Contest for the FOBB
QRP ARCI European Sprint

2nd Saturday in August, 0800Z - 1100Z
NOGA QRP Club - Peanut Power Sprint

1st Sunday in October, 2200Z - 2359Z
NAQCC Anniversary Celebration

2nd Tuesday evening (usa time) in October

2nd Saturday in October, 0000Z - 2359Z
QRP ARCI Top Band Sprint

1st Thursday in December, 0000Z - 0300Z
Wednesday Evening Eastern Time
NAQCC mW Sprint

2nd Tuesday evening (usa time) in December
QRP ARCI Holiday Homebrew Sprint

2nd Sunday in December, 2000Z - 2300Z

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