4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for February 2018

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1WB0CFFCarl R Gansen11224Nothing on 20M. 3 Contacts on 40M, The rest were on 80M. Nothing on 160M. W2SH, KF7WNS and KV6Z were two-banders for me.
2KV6ZBill1022280 was the money band tonight. I finally got my 80m antenna out of the attic by adding loading coils and 5 feet of wire to the ends of my 40m dipole. What a difference. See you next month. 73, Bill.
3KF7WNSGary8218Bands not as hot as last month. WB0CFF and WB6HVH two banders. New long wire seems to be working.
4W2SHCharles (aka Chas)6113During the 2 hours sigs did not improve with age! KK5IB & WAƘITP heard only. Several visits to 1.810 mHz but only worked a 50W non-member. QSO'd KF7WNS's nice 40m sig, but he inaudible on 80m.
5AC0BQJohnny408Got started late about 8:00. Worked OR, TX, MN, and Texas. All on 80 Real funny band condx.
6AA5VECarl408First time to participate in the Sprint. Worked 2 stations on 40 and two on 80.
7WB5BKLNick306K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double-Zepp. Only worked the last 45 Minutes. Had fun anyway.
8WB6HVHJohn204Gary, KF7WNS, on 40 & 80. That was it.
9KK5IBDarryl J Kelly204Finally got a chance to make a couple contacts, only on 80 of course.
10K3JZDJody204Used Bayou Jumper on 40m. Lots of QRN here tonight. Only managed to make 2 contacts in 50 minutes. Fired up the KX3 and went to 80m for 30 minutes. But, I did not hear any activity there. Jody - K3JZD
11WA0ITPTerry Fletcher102I wasn't able to get to the Sprint until abt 8:30. By then the band was nearly gone. I did manage to work KV6Z on 80M, thanks Bill. Your new antenna must be working well.
12N9RLOJohn Hill102I only made one contact and that was on 80m with Carl WB0CFF. QRN and QSB made it tuff for my old ears to hear much. Still, I had fun. 73, John N9RLO
13N0MIIJeff10240 was awfully quiet. Was expecting to also hear CO stations... nothing. Had my usual exchange w/ Chas (and my usual paddles/keyer wrestling match!)