4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for November 2017

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1WB0CFFCarl Gansen60124S QRP 1st Timer Non-Member (I plan to change that!) Reverse Beacon Network gave no recognition on 80M but worked K4BAI but it took many tries.
2W2SHCharles (aka Chas)31720m was closed. 40m, where four QSOs were made, and 80m were both very noisy. On 80m I only heard KV6Z , shortly before the Sprint's end.
3KV6ZBill157Ugh. Got 1 member on 80 (K4BAI). Also worked WB0CFF. (Carl - you're a member and your number is 1516.) I heard KF7WNS on 7121.7 but no cigar. After that I had to roam the bands for strangers. Band conditions like tonight make me wonder why I ever gave up stamp collecting.
4K4BAIJOHN31720M dead. 40M ok but long. KF7WNS had a good signal. On 80 spent over an hour sending CQ 4S and made only three QSOs. Thanks to WG8Y in NC, KV6Z in OK, and WB0CFF in MN. Near end heard 3 or 4 others working each other but no one answered me. Heard W2SH early, but no answer. Think hrd WA0ITP.
5KF7WNSGary215Worked WB0CFF and K4BAI early as the band was going long. Pulled out W2SH before QRN got too bad. Heard BQ and ITP through the noise. Pretty tough conditions tonight. I know I had stations responding to my CQ, but too much noise. 72 to all
6AC0BQJohnny215I got on late, 40 was out. I heard Gary KF7WNS but I could not turn his head? 80 was better. Worked three there KK5IB, WB0CFF AND N0YJ. Thanks Carl, WB0CFF for joining our sprint. Hope to cu again soon. 72 Johnny AC0BQ
7WG8YMark Kelner204Hi All, Not a gud QRP nite. QRN here in NC. Heard & wrkd John,K4BAI on 80M. John was OK copy S4/5.Then found Chas,W2SH on 40 but that's all I worked. Heard WB0CFF but lost him in the QRN and 2 or 3 other partial calls. Went back to 80M. Didn't hear K4BAI calling so went QRT.
8WA0ITPTerry113The bands didn't cooperate tonight but I managed to work Paul N0NBD, and Carl WB0CFF. I had worked Carl over 10 years ago on 2/14/2007 I heard Johnny and KK5IB, and K4BAI but none heard me well enough for a QSO.. Better luck next month. 72
9N0YJBERT102Johnny AC0BQ, came over this afternoon and helped me put up an OCF dipole and got me back on the air after almost 2 years, thanks Johnny. That being said I could not hear much, went outside twice to see if the rope had broken. I could only manage one qso, that was Johnny 35 miles away on 80 meters.
10N0NBDPaul Smith102I worked Terry WA0ITP and that was all I heard. Not sure whether it was bands or lack of people. Ill be back de Paul N0NBD
11N0MIIJeff Logullo102Horrendous QSB here. First hour heard nobody; called CQ but no joy. After a dinner break, tuning around 7.122 heard Chas >barely< through waves of buzzy noise. With lots of NR/NB/RF gain play, AND his patience, got one for the log :-)
12AG1PRon000Tough condx. AC0BQ, N0NBD, WA0ITP and others listened for me but no joy. There's always next month