4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for February 2024

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1N4MJGlenn419Worked K5EST (Walt), W2SH (Chas), WG5F (ED), W0DCX (Dave) all on 40m Worked KK7ER (Mike) in Camas, WA on 20m Nice ragchew. Heard and called (many times) NE5TT...no response. Tnx to all participants. 73 de n4mj
2W2SHCharles (aka Chas)306Nothing was heard, nor could be raised, on 20m. Ditto for 80m. On 40m I worked N4MJ, K5EST and WØDCX. Heard WG5F who, if he heard me, didn't respond to my CQ 4S calls. Antennas were a 270' center-fed dipole at 45' and a 72' wire vertical. Rig was a Tentec Argo 6 @5W.
3W0DCXDave306Worked 3 Four-Staters on 40 meters within 9 minutes. 5W from the FDX10 into a random wire antenna running out of window to a tree at 30 feet. Thanks to N4MJ, WG5F and W2SH for the QSOs.
4WG5FEd Meyer204Only about 30 minutes on 40m this month from home with the end fed in the attic and the ol' original QCX-40. Heard Walter answer N4MJ but never heard him again. Worked N4MJ and W0DCX. Heard W0DCX work W2SH but never heard Charles.
5K5ESTWalter 000Limited time but managed to work Glenn - N4MJ and Chas - W2SH. QSB was already showing up and Monday's solar flare warnings may be warranted.