4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for June 2018

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1WB0CFFCarl Gansen6012It will be interesting to see how others did tonight. The QRN up here in MN was rough and signals seemed generally weaker than usual. W2SH was my only 20M QSO. All other action came on 40M.
2WB5BKLNick4210K2/10 @ 5W to various wires. WB0CFF and I tried twice but couldn't quite make the trip. 6 states on 20 and 40M. Tried 80M - nothing heard. Conditions seemed a little tough, but had fun anyway.
3W2SHCharles (aka Chas)4210Too much daylight for decent 40m & 80m coverage. WBØCFF my only 20m QSO before the band died. Took a half hour's work to get Carl's QSO on 40m. Near the end, his 80m sig was 569 but his QRN denied us a three-bander. 40m KV6Z QSO, 569 here, 449 there. ACØBQ QSO was tougher; 569 here, 539 there.
4KV6ZBill50105 on 40. Almost gave up after the first hour.
5KF7WNSGary30620m was half way civilized...40m not so much. QRN was a killer and the two or three stations I could hear couldn't hear me.
6K0FHGBob306On 40M for the last hour and only could hear the 3 stations I worked. 40 meter dipole in attic with 5 Watts
7AD0YMMike204Caught WB5BKL on 20M and heard him later on 40M. Got KV6Z on 40M. Heard K0FHG late on 40M. Yep, 40 was noisy.
8WB6HVHJohn000Only on for about 25 min at the beginning. I heard no one and it appears no one heard me!