4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for September 2017

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1K4BAIJohn T. Laney III11325No signals heard on 20. 40M was quite good around 7121-22, but no activity around 7040. 80M was good. Best "DX' on 40 was KF7WNS in OR and on 80 was W2SH in NJ. Worked Chas on 40 and 80. Thanks for all QSOs. My highest score yet. 73/72, John.
2KV6ZBill10121Plenty of activity tonight. Got 8 on 40m and 3 on 80m. Worked Bob-K0FHG for the first time. See you next month. 73.
3NK8OChas5414I haven't worked this event before. It was fun. It takes a very different strategy to work this with the paucity of stations available. I think this is the first Sunday I have had available to try the SSS since I became a member of 4SQRP.
4WB5BKLNick6113K2/10 to various wires. Averaged about one QSO per quarter-hour. Best signals: 20M - W2SH, 40M - KV6Z, 80M - NK8O. My thanks to all. Had fun.
5W2SHCharles, aka Chas6113Except for missing WB5BKL on 80m just before the sprint's end, I worked every station heard, and very few were heard. 20m was open for the first hour, but only to the southwest where I worked two TX members and one QRP non-member in OK.
6K5IXDavid Loftus5111My first SSS! Hope to be a regular from now on. Looks like the bands improved just in time for the event.
7KF7WNSGary41920m was a bit noisy, but signals picking up. K5IX good signal in OR...hope to work you again.
8WG8YMark Kelner408Hi all, Just got my no. today & 1st SSS & then almost forgot to get on the air.Started app. an hour late. Really enjoy working qrp. rigp817@5w ant 40/80 HB dp@ 40ft. 72 from NC WG8Y
9WG5FEd204Heard KV6Z (LOUDLY) but only managed to work John, K4BAI on 40 & 80.
10N0MIIJeff Logullo204Fading on 40 almost sunk one QSO; wrestling with my balky keyer almost sunk the other. Thanks K4BAI and KV6Z for sticking with me :-)
11N5MZXEverett Catlin113I worked club station with IC-718 at 4 watts. Worked non club station with BJ at 4 watts. Antenna for both was MFJ G5RV junior at 20 ft. Got good signal reports with both rigs. i think I will use both rigs for SSS. The Icom first hour and BJ the next. 72 Agent nr 038
12NQ0RPWayne Dillon000