4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for April 2018

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1KV6ZBill16436Wow. When the bands are good - they're great!!! Got 12 on 40 and 8 on 80. Several dual banders. I even got N4IJ in Ok (I thought I was the only ham in Ok). Got Terry in Illinois - he must be hanging a wire out his hotel window - hi. 73 all - KV6Z.
2WB0CFFCarl16133KF7WNS lead things off as my only 20M QSO. I had 9 QSOs on 40M. 80M provided 6 QSOs. W2SH was a 3 bander for me and my 1 and only QSO on 160M. I had multiple 2 banders otherwise. Ten Tec Argonaut 6 @ 5W, 204' CF doublet, 40M vertical, 160M vertical Thanks to all!
3W2SHCharles (aka Chas)1232720m closed. 40m had both short & long skips. WBØCFF QSO'd on 3 low bands. NØNBD called me at the midpoint but I was in a tough QSO with KF7WNS. 80m was sparse. Hoped for ACØBQ at the end but he was ragchewing with K5LG & SSS then finished. QSOs: 3@80; 2@160; 10@40
4KF7WNSGary6517Carl/WB0CFF a two-bander. Nice to have some new members getting into the mix. 3 QSO's on 20m, 7 on 40, 1 on 80. Charles/W2SH had a good signal on the OR Coast on 40m. 72's all
5AC0BQJohnny 6113Fun Sprint! Lots of activity on 40 and 80. I got on late but still was able to grab a handful. Thanks guys 72 Johnny
6WB5BKLNick4210K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp. My first SSS in quite a while. Tried 20M first, but nothing heard. Also nothing heard around 7.040 KHz. Made 4 QSOs on 40 and 2 on 80M. Worked KV6Z on both. Had fun.
7N4EEVMike408k3 @5w to open feed doublet @ 35ft. 40 and 80 had several loud stations. KV6Z 40 & 80, WB0CFF - 80, KF7WNS - 40. Tnx QSO 72, Mike
8K3JZDJody306Short on time - just a few on 40m.
9N0MIIJeff215RF noise here lower than usual--nice! Short stint in the shack: non-member N3FCS in PA; W2SH in NJ; N4IJ in OK.
10AD0YMMike204Fun night. Worked 40 m. Got WB0CFF in MN and WB5BKL in TX. Heard W2SH, KV6Z and N4IJ but was not quick enough on the draw. More motivation to get something up for 80m to broaden my horizons.
11WA9PWPPaul Goemans102I was out to dinner at a friend’s house (newly licensed KD9KOW) and upon my return decided to make one contact for the log. Surprisingly I found K5LG #1649 calling CQ on 40 CW. Only after contacting him did I realize the SSS was still on!
12KK4ITXJohn Leahy011I've built a Cricket 80A but can't do it justice so I went for SSB and got over 1,000 miles with 10w on my FT-450D. Tried 80, 40, 20, 17, 15 on the QRP freqs....... see if I can check in on Wed.