4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for July 2017

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1KV6ZBill6315Worked hard for these QSOs. 7 on 40m and 2 on 80m. Noisy, noisy, noisy. Nice to hear Jim - W0EB and Joe - W0MQY in there along with the usual suspects. Fun event. See you next month. 73, Bill, KV6Z.
2AC0BQJohnny5010Nice turn out! It was really fun to work several club friends tonight. 40 was long as usual, 80 was strong and short. Nabbed W0MQY just as I was about to QRT. 72 Johnny AC0BQ
3KF7WNSGary328Sounded like good participation tonight. I heard many stations, unfortunately not many heard me. Picked up Nick/WB5BKL and a SKCC station on 20m and Johnny and Bill and another SKCC station on 40m. Nice to see 20m starting to pick up. 72
4W2SHCharles Moizeau306Heard only one W6 at 0002Z on 20m & then the band died. Nothing heard on 80m; didn't xmit there so as not to step on any crickets. QRV only on 40m. Frustrating to hear FB sigs from members N5MZX and WØMQY and then not raise them.
5W0MQYJoe Porter306AC0BQ, Johnny FB sig 80 mtr, KV6Z Bill, and W0EB Jim, qrn on 40 mtr. It was fun, enjoyed it and hope to do better next month. Maybe operate portable next month to get away from the local noise. Score 6 pts 72/73 guys..
6K4BAIJohn306Only heard and worked AC0BQ (40) and KV6Z (40/80). Better next month, I hope. 73/72, John, K4BAI.
7WB5BKLNick102K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double-Zepp. I was trying, really I was. KF7WNS was the only SSSprinter I heard. Thanks Gary. Had fun anyway...
8N5MZXEverett Catlin000First sss with bayou jumper. I heard AC0BQ. Unable to transmit due to lack of 40 mtr. ant. Will fix that later this month. Yes I did try to xmit a few times but I was so worried about swr. Nervous as a cat in a dog pound. Thank you for the reports of being heard. Ant in use was old gotham vert no tu
9N0MIIJeff Logullo000Awfully quiet... I heard Chas W2SH but he didn't hear me :-(