4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for December 2018

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1KV6ZBill10121Pretty good night tonight. 80 was stacked up with 4S stations. Worked 8 on 80 and 3 on 40. Had to work a little for Kent - AE4Y but we got it done. Thanks and 73.
2K4BAIJohn10020Good conditions on 40 and 80. Sorry for weak signals on 40 to WB0CFF and W2SH. Was accidentally using the 80M antenna. WB0CFF and I tried to QSY to 1811 kHz. I heard Carl about 449, but he didn't hear me. My 160M antenna is a bit of a compromise. Seasons Greetings to all. 73/72. John, K4BAI.
3WB0CFFCarl Gansen8218Rough night again. I had only 2 QSOs on 40M and 8 QSOs on 80M. I did get a reply on 160M but just over the finish line so did not count him, so 160 was 0 QSOs. WB5BKL and K4BAI were 2 banders for me. I heard W2SH on 40M but was not heard, but worked Chas on 80M. TNX All
4K0FHGBob8016First time on 80 meters in many years. Just put up short center loaded 80 m dipole in attic. Had 7 contacts on 80 and only 1 on 40. I had fun. Thanks to all
5WB5BKLNick7115K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp. Best signals: 40M - K5IX, 80M - K4BAI/WB5LCU. Heard several calling but had a loud buzz at about the S5 level - could only get scattered code elements. Happy holidays and see you next year! Had fun.
6W2SHCharles (aka Chas)7115Three good QSOs on 40m in first half hour before it died 15 minutes later. 80m in decent shape and tried hard to reach WB5BKL. QSY'd briefly to 160m but didn't hear WBØCFF.
7AE4YKent408Not much happening tonight. No signals on 20m, couldn't raise anyone on 40m, but managed to work WB0CFF, K0FHG, K4BAI, and KV6Z on 80m. TS-570D @ 5w to dipole
8NK8OChas306I only heard two stations that were easy to copy and KV6Z and W2SH. I got K0FHG by ESP. Just an hour before with the SKCC WES band conditions were not too bad. Obvious the band changed quickly when the sun went down.
9K5IXDave204Just a casual effort tonight after ARRL-10. Not much heard here in STX, but that's how it's been with the QRP Foxhunts this season for me too. Hope for a better showing next month . . .
10WD8KRVDave102Worked N0MII on 40. He was tough to dig out but I received his report FB. Heard K0FHG also on 40 but he didn't hear me. Didn't make it to 80 meters but would like to have tried. Tough conditions to work back into the midwest from Arizona. 72/73 de Dave, WD8KRV
11N0MIIJeff102Barely heard K(O?)BS. Then good news! XYL helped me find a longstanding source of horrid RFI--under-counter LED strip lights in kitchen. Then back to digging. Worked WD8KRV and hope he heard my final transmission--he was really weak here.
12AG1PRon022Tough condx here. Had cw contacts on 20M, both close to home. Maybe stormy wx was cause? Did not hear any midwest calls. Tried SSB but no joy on 20M or 40M.