4SQRP Group Second Sunday Sprint
AutoLog for April 2019

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1WB0CFFCarl Gansen10020I had 7 QSOs on 40M and 3 QSOs on 80M. N0NBD was blasting in on 80M but I evidently could not cut through his noise. W2SH and WB5BKL were 2 banders for me. I started on 20M but found no replies. I met NV5F, a new one for my log. Thanks everybody. Ten Tec Argonaut 6, 204 ft CF Doublet, 40M vert
2W2SHCharles (aka Chas)7115Two 20m member QSOs with TX, plus a short-skip one with ME. 40m: four member QSOs; WA9PWP 589, but no QSO. 80m: massive QRN with rain-laden front arriving; only WBØCFF could be heard and he was easily worked. Tentec Argo 6 used here and also by WAØITP and WBØCFF. Overall activity seemed light.
3WB5CTS/MSteve6012Great to hear activity on 20m and 40m from 5 Four-Staters >KF7WNS, Gary-20m, W2SH Chas 20M,40m. WB0CFF Carl 40m and AD0YM Mike in MO 40M. WB5BKL Nick 40M. 80M a non-starter mobile but, working on it. :-) de Lake Purcell,OK
4WB5BKLNick6012K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp. Best signals: 20M - W2SH, 40M - WB5CTS/m, 80M - WB0CFF (nice to have Carl back). Heard others calling but never could quite make the connection. K6WS (CA) was tough on 40M. 20M was good - just not many to work. Hint, hint. Had fun.
5N0NBDPaul Smith408I did work Chas and Carl W2SH and WB0CFFand WA9PWP on 40 and WA0ITP on 80. I heard someone call but the S9 noise got me here de Paul N0NBD
6KF7WNSGary408Surprised how well I did using a new setup with a portable antenna out of my van. John/K6WS was a two bander. K1 to a 53' end fed wire.
7K6WSJohn306KF7WNS x 2 and WB5BKL logged. Copied WA0ITP and WB5CTS/M in central Cal but not good enough for a contact. Going east my sig usually stops at California border. BKL has great ears!
8AD0YMMike306Late start, 20m quiet. Got one new for me on 40m, WB5CTS/M. Also got WB0CFF and W2SH. Tried WB0CFF again on 80m, but mag loop didn't get it done. Also heard WB5BKL on 80, but given earlier effort and weaker signal ... Used straight key to add to the fun. 72 de AD0YM!
9K3EMSGeorge 204T-storms and lightning with tornado warning rolled in right on cue at start of Sprint. Lots of noise & LSB QRM on 40, 20 noisy as well. New radio and antenna- FT818 to G7FEK @ 25ft- worked ok in abbreviated test. Till next time.
10WA9PWPPaul Goemans102Got on for a few minutes to christen my newly-built Hilltopper 40!
11WA0ITPTerry Fletcher102I worked N0NBD on 3564. Paul had a good sig into SEIA. Lots of noise and QSB on the band and I didnt hear anyone else. rig tonight was my TT Argo 6 and EFHW
12K0FHGBob Pritchard102Only worked one on 80 M, WBOCFF. Carl had good strong signal into St. Peters, MO. My rig was KX3 at 5W into a center loaded short dipole in the attic.