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AzScQRPions FYBO Contest 2018 - Autolog

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1W8DIZMyron Schaffer - WV0H20-29 Deg FSingle Op Field 2419018240[Can't dump Diz's call on form] I got on early and worked a couple guys on 40 then quit for a couple hours and resumed on 20 and on 40 after that. 20M QSOs: WB5CTS/M, KI0G, (break) W1PID, N4KGL, NK9G, N6TVN, N8ZP/5, N5IB, NX1K, K1CL, W6CWM, AF4O, W6LEN, VE7UTS, N5GW, WA9PWP, K4KJP. 40M QSOs: WA9PWP, NE5DL, NA5N, AB5ZA/7, K7ZI, N5GW and W0DB.
2NK9GRick McGaver40-49 Deg FSingle Op Field 25131007900Operated from Mt.Ord, (6724 ele.) AZ 40 mile NE of Phoenix. KX3, 5 watts, alternative power, antennas; 88’ Doublet @ 40’, 23’ wire vertical on 40 Spider mast. Solar Flux index 67 4 0, not bad #’s but poor conditions. 3X’s Q’s last year. 42 degrees and snow and ice around. Never made it above 50F. 9 FYBO Q’s, 9 MN Q’s, 5 BC Q’s 1 VT Q,s. 1 extra Q Need to try different vertical, maybe QRP Guys?
3AB8DFEd Kwik30-39 Deg FSingle Op Field 7701568Operated from Bald Mountain State Park. Sat in my Honda CRV for op postition. 18 degrees outside but only got down to 32 in the CRV. Antenna was MFJ 20 meter hamstick mounted to a roof rack stud. All qso's on 20. Worked S57S and got a 339. Used K2 at 5 watts.
4N9NE/7Todd Fonstad50-64 DegSingle Op Field  2471001444Set up under the shade of a Palo Verde tree near the RV where I'm wintering in Cave Creek, AZ. KX-3 to 84' end-fed wire up ~25 feet. No battery at hand, so had to run off 120 V. Temps 52-80 F. FYBO stations were rare but plenty of MN and BC stations to work. Props were 'cruddy' - no eastern stations heard. Lots of contests and digital activity. Not like a couple of decades ago. Tnx!
5WB3GCKCraig LaBarge30-39 Deg FSingle Op Field 10401280Operated from my truck until my toes got numb. Sadly, I didn't hear a single FYBO station. Still, it was a good reason to shake off the cabin fever and get out for some portable operating.
6NQ7RPMike Baker50-64 DegMulti-Multi Field 12601152Murphy was a visitor who stayed too long. Still had fun. Just wish the Propagation had been better so I could have handed out more bonus contacts. Gear was KX3 (it gave me fits with the CW speed stuck at 27wpm. cost me an hour) at 5W, Triband Vertical on an Outpost, QRP Guys triband portable antenna. New 60000ma battery pack was a dud. Used old batteries with new solar panel 100W. Maybe next year.
7WD8RIFEric McFadden30-39 Deg FSingle Op Field 650960Where were all the other FYBO participants? Worked mostly non-FYBO ops: MN QSO Party, BC QSO Party, and FISTS stations.
8KE8EASJoshua Cash20-29 Deg FSingle Op Field  860960Worked the contest for about 2 hours then called it quits. Nearly froze to death! Thank goodness for the QSO Party going on, I didn't work any other FYBO stations. Still fun!
9KA3EHLChuck Helverson40-49 Deg FSingle Op Field 660864Sec NFL worked 2psk and 4cw eagle one vertical ic7200 5w all 40m
10WA5BDUNick Kennedy30-39 Deg FSingle Op Field  930432Coldest FYBO in Arkansas in a while. Thankful for MN-QP since FYBO stations were scarce. Also unusual to have all QSOs on 40. Usually, most are on 20.
QTH was Petit Jean Mountain, AR. Rig KX3, 5W, LNR type EFHW. Good fun.
11W5MSQEd Manuel40-49 Deg FMulti-Multi Field  43100244W5ACM, K5ENG and myself (N5EM) met at our local fav QRPing spot in Bear Creek Park (West Houston, TX). On and off drizzle - finally became steady and we secured. Had 20M on a dipole up 30 ft. and a vertical on 15M. Only worked 4 on 20M (KX3) and no Q's on 15M. Photo on FB
12N0EVHJohn Watkins>64 Deg FSingle Op Home 98100244KX3 to 82 foot L wire on solar power at 5 watts. Bands just so so today, but fun to work some FYBO contacts.
13WA8REIken [dood in fybo]50-64 DegSingle Op Home  44100132
worked wq7rp/5 on 40 m.
5 watts to Mosley pro 67b yagi
very poor condx
72, Ken Dood
14NQ7RP/5John>64 Deg FSingle Op Home  44016Conditions very poor even with better antenna. QSB. Rain started just as I finished new antenna. WA8REI and N2CX had S9 signals. Sneaked away to the POTA frequencies to catch Joe. Signals were good on 40M, but didn't hear any FYBO participants. Short log. K5EDM, WA8REI, N9NE/7, and N2CX.