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Autolog for January - 2022

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WB9HFK, Mark, 5W     fpqso=13 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=14 total=588
I started on 40M for about the first hour and picked up 9 QSO's. Then, moved to 80M for the next 45 minutes or so with 7 QSO's. Thanks to K5IC, KA2KGP, W4NLT, NQ2W, KB9W, and KC3MIO for 2 Band QSO's! Sorry to those I just could not pull out of the mud. See everyone next time! 72, Mark WB9HFK oo

NQ2W, Will, 5W     fpqso=11 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=11 total=363
I started out on 15m calling...nothing. I QSY'd to 20 and got one answer to my CQs but I couldn't get a valid number or the op's power...not in the score. I went to 40m and added 4 piggies to my log. I moved down to 80m and added one more FP QSO...then nothing. I went back up to 20m, then 40...nothing. After 0000UTC I called on 7120.7 kHz but received no answers. When I went back to 80m, I was able to add 6 more piggy QSOs to my log. Two banders with WB9HFK, KB9W, and AA0B. Welcome aboard Roy, AA0B, we all hope you jump in to future RFTBs. Thanks for your perseverance Scott, K0LAR, I'm glad we were able to QSO. Thanks for the Qs and for the opportunity. I hope to see you all in the next one. 72 and oo, Will, NQ2W

KB9W, Dan, 5W     fpqso=11 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=10 total=340
I started out on 20 meter and hung around for fifteen minutes but could not find any piggies there so went to 40 meters and found a lot of activity. The last hour I moved to 80 meters and found more activity. Two band QSO's with KA2KGP, WB9HFK, and NQ2W. Thanks for all the fun and CU next month. 73/72 oo, Dan

KA2KGP, Tom, 5     fpqso=12 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=8 total=296
Grunts & squeels were hard to hear in the WNY pigpen. Piggies were weak & bands poor, but fun anyway. Rig: IC-7000 at 5w. into a G5RV up 25 feet w/ old WWII German Junkers straight key pig caller. 73 to all & keep safe and warm. OO

KK9U, Sean, 5     fpqso=1 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=16 spc=12 total=228
Managed to work 1 FP before dinner then came back to SST everywhere. Worked the whole SST QRP.

K4BAI, JOHN, 5W     fpqso=7 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=8 total=192
No signals on 20M and no answers to my CQs. 40M WAS ok, but not much activity. Tried some CQs on 80 around 2330Z, but no QRP signals heard and no answers to CQs. Total time of activity 47 minutes. 73/72. John

W4NLT, Andy, 5W     fpqso=7 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=6 total=132
Tough nite with high noise level but some of the usual suspects showed up to help out. TNX for the QSOs 72 OO Still think we should move up to the high end of 40M when SST is in operation.

KC3MIO, Rich, 5W     fpqso=8 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=5 total=125
Tough going tonight - tried 20 and my signal was getting out, but no QSOs. 40 was all right until SST, so 80 was where the action was. Fun as usual and thanks to my contacts and to the Pigs. 72 and Happy New Year all.

k5ic, AUDIE KAUFMAN, 5     fpqso=6 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=5 total=95

WB1GYZ, BOB, 5     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=4 total=40
40 was in good shape, so where was everybody?

K0LAR, Scott, 5 w     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
20 meters nothing. 40 also nothing. Got two on 80 meters KB9W an NQ2W. Could hear KB9HFK but was not heard. See you next month. 72

ZAP, ZAP, ZAP     fpqso=0 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=0 total=0