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Autolog for July - 2017

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K4BAI, jOHN,      fpqso=11 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=11 total=374
Very little participation tonight. 20M was open to IL and OR. 40M was open all over. Best DX was OR KF7WNS on both bands. 80M was very noisy and no other sprinters heard there. Hope for better conditions and participation next month. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

K3RLL, Don, 5w     fpqso=7 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=2 spc=7 total=161
Weber Tribander to G5RVjr: RFTB was such a great chance to wring out the new Tribander just completed this afternoon. Nothing shows up needs like a heated, frenetic contest like our QRP Sprints. Hi Hi Many thanks to those who pulled me out of the weak band tonight. Only got a single spot on RBN, so we know that someone must have turned off the power to 40m this evening. Big signal tonight was VA3NU. 72 es oo ... Don

KB1M, Walt, 5W     fpqso=6 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=2 spc=6 total=120
Poor conditions, but if not for the sprint I would not have made any QSO's tonight, many thanks. Walt

WB9HFK, Mark, 5 W     fpqso=5 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=4 total=60
QRN was wicked in E. Central IL. I pulled the plug after about a 1/2 hour. Thanks to John, K4BAI for Q's on both 40 and 20. Had fun - looking forward to next month! 72, Mark - WB9HFK

KF7WNS, Gary, 5W     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=4 total=36
20m booming til just before the start. 40m ??? Another CME ??? I don't usually quit early, but nothing but static. Try again next month, 72 Gary

N5GW, Gene, 5W     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=3 total=27
I had fired up the KX3 to CFZ on 20M. Not much heard. After a few CQ's I was able to work Randy, K7TQ. Then a boom of thunder got my attention. Even though I had checked the weather radar map about an hour ago, this cloud had either sneaked up or materialized locally. When it passed I returned to find 20M stone dead. Getting on 40 allowed QSO's with K3RLL and KB1M, but the band was so noisy from local T-storms I had to quit. I had missed last month's outing but was thrilled to see no less than 31 logs for June. Hoping for better condx in Aug.

WB5BKL, Nick,      fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=3 total=27
K3/10 @ 5W to either a 40M dipole or a 40M extended double Zepp. Started late on 20M where I thought I heard a hint of K7TQ - otherwise nada. 40M was mostly noise. I heard K4BAI and K3RLL fairly well, but pulling KF7WNS out was a challenge. Kudos to Gary for sticking with it. Maybe the eclipse next month will prompt the Sun to cooperate. Had fun.

VE2JCW, JEAN CHARRON, 5w     fpqso=1 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=4 total=24
KB8FE 7cw 0131 OH fp 967 339 WB4YHJ 7CW 0201 AL 449 OK1CF 7CW 0223 DX HA8GZ 7CW 0243 DX

KI5II, James Broden, 5W     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
Bands dead tonight. Just worked WB9HGK on 20M and K3RLL on 40M and that's it. Hope it's better next month

ki4mzc, Don, 5     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
Only one on 80 and one on 40 so far - and both very weak-, so I'm hitting the sack!

VA3NU, Larry, 5W     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
Tough nite at this QTH. Don K3RLL had a great signal in here tonite then minutes later gone into the ether. Heard John K4BAI momentarily but couldn't pull him out of the mud, when I can't hear John I know conditions are rough. Wouldn't be fun if it was easy eh? 72 Larry

Ki8fv, Steve, 5w     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
Is it just me or are conditions pretty bad . I only got two. Almost got ka2kgp, but we couldn't quit make with the qrn and qsb. Anyhow, I'll be back next month. 72 and oink oink. I too gave up early

K7TQ, Randy, 5 W     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
Quickly caught regulars N5GW and K4BAI on 20 m then got pulled away from the radio. Heard K4BAI on 40, but no luck. Hope for better time next month.

WB5UAA, Guy, 5W     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
IC-7200 turned down to 5W to inverted V for 40m and double bazooka for 20m both up 30 feet. Conditions seemed a bit weaker than usual this time around. Was able to snag WB9HFK in IL on 20m and KB1M in NH on 40m and that's it. I heard K4BAI call KB1M but no answer. Also, K4BAI is usually booming into East Texas with 5 watts... not tonight. c u all agn next month, 72!

KA2KGP, Tom, 5     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
WOW !! Very poor bands in the WNY barnyard here. Only 2 piggies heard grunting thru the noise, K4BAI & my brother next door! All HF bands poor from the Aurora Borealis charged atmosphere. Should have used 6 meters! 72 to all us piggies.

K5IX , David Loftus, 5     fpqso=1 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=1 total=3
Not much time available, and only one piggy to be heard. But i fried him up! Mmm, tasty.

wa3aan, Grant, 5w     fpqso=1 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=1 total=3
VE2JWC had fb sig here in philly

KM5BJ, Mark, 5W     fpqso=1 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=1 total=3
My first Run for the Bacon. Looking forward to more! (Hopefully with improving results)!

AK3X , Peter, 3 W     fpqso=1 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=1 total=3
Heard weak sigs on 20, not strong enough to copy. Worked John K4BAI on 40 and then the horrible QRN rolled in and I gave up. 72 and OO to all.

WB0CFF, Carl, 0     fpqso=0 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=0 total=0
I wanted to be there with the piggies tonight. However, I am a bit under the weather and technically on bed rest. I had hoped to try tonight, but conditions just were not right (wife is home). I hope to catch up with you next month. The FP gang is my favorite bunch to play with. 72 Carl