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Autolog for January - 2019

Your Call:

K4BAI, JOHN, 5W     fpqso=10 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=10 total=300
40 and 80M in good shape here. Skip zone short on 40 and worked AE4Y across state, but couldn't hear K3RLL who was worked by others. 5 QSOs on 40 and 5 Mults: IL, AR, NH, MO, GA. 80M: 5 QSOs and 5 mults: GA IL MN KY VA. Heard no activity on 160M and got no answers to my CQs there. Hope for more activity next month. 20M seemed dead at the start. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

AE4Y, Kent, 5W     fpqso=9 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=10 total=280
Listened briefly on 20M, but as expected - nothing heard. I was amazed to work K4BAI on 40 - skip was shorter than normal. Managed to work WB9HFK and K4BAI on both 80 and 40. Heard a couple of stations calling, but just couldn't pull a complete call out of the noise. Thanks for the contacts. FT-818 @ 5W to dipole. 72, Kent AE4Y

WB9HFK, Mark, 5W     fpqso=9 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=7 total=189
4 QSO's on 40M - 5 QSO's on 80M. Thanks to 2 banders K4BAI and AE4Y. Sorry to those I may have missed down in the noise. 72, Mark WB9HFK

K4WY , Jack, 5     fpqso=8 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=6 total=144
That was a tough wallow from my corner of the barnyard! Only 80 meters was worth an oink tonight. Propagation was north - south and short skip. KB1M and AE4Y had the most consistent signal.

WB0CFF, Carl Gansen, 5w     fpqso=6 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=6 total=114
I think my RF was getting frozen (-4F/-20C) tonight and dropping. On 40M, I could hear K4BAI, N5MEP, WB9HFK, WOITT and K3RLL. Unfortunately, K3RLL and W0ITT were on the same freq the entire time but finally K3RLL heard me. Nobody else heard me as far as I know. On 80M, I worked AE4Y, K4WY, K4BAI, KA2KGP, KG0EW & WB9HFK. I called on 160M and did not shake anybody loose. 73 Carl

KB1M, Walt, 5W     fpqso=6 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=6 total=114
Most signals heard on 40 seemed weak with fast QSB, states worked GA,VA,FL,PA, AR,MO. Thanks for the QSO's 73/72 Walt

KA2KGP, Tom, 5w.     fpqso=6 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=5 total=90
The barnyards were sloppy here in WNY. Oinkers had weak squeels and not many grunts were heard. Rig: TenTec Argosy II at 5w. into G5RV up 25 ft. with a WWI Junkers straight key. Keep warm Piggies, stay in the barn! 73

K3RLL, Don, 5w     fpqso=5 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=5 total=75
K3 to after-dark only vertical: Dealing with a local noise problem here but still didn't sound like many piggies in the barnyard tonight on the "back forty". Tried 80m with 33' Unun wire but not even Reverse Beacon heard me there. (Sigh) Thanks to those who did and my apologies to those I couldn't hear through my local noise. 72 oo Don K3RLL

kg0ew, David O Patton, 05     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=3 total=27
First time on Run for the Bacon; was rough on 80m, but glad I participated!

wo9b, Mike, 5w     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=3 total=21
Very much enjoyed my maiden voyage. Darn football, pushed everyone to the bitter end. TU and CUAGN

N5MEP, Larry, 5     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=18
Only operated on 40 meters this time. There was a lot of local noise, so my apologies to anyone who answered my CQ and didn't get an a response. Only managed three QSOs, from two states. The strongest signal I heard was K4BAI. I could hear K3RLL fairly well, but I guess he could not here me. Maybe with the moon going dark the signals couldn't find their way out of the barnyard. 73, Larry

AL7JK, John Raynsford, 5 watts     fpqso=0 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=1 total=1
Howdy! Used the FT-817 & 240 ft longwire tonite. 20 mtrs became quiet hr before the RTFB started. Switched to 40 mtrs kept tuning and calling CQ without any spots on the RBN during the event. The only station I heard on 40 mtrs was KH6ZM Max in Hawaii on 7052 khz, worked him at 0330z. Max was exchanging skcc numbers so we did that instead of the required flying pig numbers. 72/73 to all, look forward to hearing and getting yall in my logbook someday.