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Autolog for May - 2018

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WB9HFK, Mark, 5W     fpqso=14 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=5 spc=16 total=752
Thanks for all the QSOs. Sorry to anyone who I may have missed down in the noise. There was some QRN, but not terrible. I stayed on 40M for the entire event. IC-7300 @ 5W into a 150 Ft. Random Wire and using the trusty ole J-38. See everyone next month! 72, Mark WB9HFK

K3JZD, Jody, 5w     fpqso=12 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=14 total=546
40m started out really noisy for me - QSB and QRN - it calmed down a bit after a while but never got to be pleasant. My best reach was with Don-K3RLL in FL. Most of my activity was on 40m. Just a few on 80m. Used my IC-756pro3 cranked down to 5 watts for this one. Dipole on 40m and 59' EFRW on 80m. Jody - K3JZD

K4BAI, John, 5W     fpqso=13 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=2 spc=13 total=533
Thanks for all QSOs. Quit early due to trip out of town early tomorrow. 20M seemed wide open, but no signals near 14060 and no answers to CQs. 40M was OK up to NH and out to MN and KS. Was able to work FL and VA, so skip wasn't too long. QRN was bad on 80, with only two QSOs (GA and VA). Look for me as VP5/K4BAI from Provo May 23-30. In the CQ WPX CW contest, we will be low power with four ops as VP5M. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

KA2KGP, Tom, 5     fpqso=15 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=11 total=528
Not too many pig squeels this RFTB. The 20m. barnyard was empty, 40m. was OK with QRN & 80m was poor with heavy QRN. Summertime storm noise was nasty here in my WNY barnyard. 73 to all us piggies.

K4WY, Jack, 5     fpqso=13 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=11 total=440
FT-817 and inverted L for 160. Couple good oinks with K4BAI and WB0CFF. We did have some barnyard ambiance over my way. Signals were weak but readable here in VA, K2PQ was the strongest and VE3GMZ was in there too. 40 was North/South for a change and worked a few more.72s

WB0CFF, Carl Gansen, 5     fpqso=12 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=11 total=396
My neighbor on the east side of my cornfield cleaned his barn and spread manure today on his field. With a breeze out of the east, we had a great barnyard ambiance going, suggesting a great night for the Flying Pigs...but 1 QSO 20M, 8 QSOs 40M and 3 QSOs 80M. Rapid/Deep QSB. Big QRN on 80M. I hope our next outing is better. 72/73 to all!

KB1M, Walt, 5W     fpqso=9 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=9 total=252
I expected to be able to get a few Q's on 20 but nothing heard. QRN on 40 was unpleasant, but persistence paid off. Thanks for the Q's, my sending errors were above usual tonight my apologies. OO, 72, Walt

N4EEV, Mike, 5w     fpqso=5 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=6 total=108
k3 @ 5w into open feed doublet @ 35ft. As always, a fun event. Thanks for the QSO, 72 Mike

k8zfj, Randy, 4w     fpqso=4 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=5 total=65
that was fun for about an hr. using the kd1jv tribander into a dipole on 40m

K3RLL, Don, 5w     fpqso=5 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=4 total=64
K3 to 9:1 Unun feeding 53' L-shaped stealth wire in the continuing saga to stay just one step ahead of antenna restrictions here. Nice to start out tonight with K3JZD, my PA SOTA Guru and former neighbor years ago. Not a lot of squeals heard in the barnyard down here but appreciate those I did. 72/73 & oo ... Don

W8ES, Jay, 5W     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=3 total=27
The QRN got so bad, I had to take out my hearing aids, but then I couldn't hear the dang signals! ;-) I lost WB0CFF because of QSB - SRI Carl. KX3 into a 130' doublet at 30'. Kent KT-1 key. 72 from the West Virginia Appalachians. OO

NZ1J, Dave, 5W     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=3 total=27
I've been limited to a crystal controlled 80 meter transmitter until now. This month I was able to go to 40 meters and had good luck with local contacts. (PA NH NY from CT) Thanks for another fun Run for the Bacon. 72, Dave

K9QEW, Daryl Hurst, 5W     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=3 total=27

W9ILF, Ivin, 5 watts     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=3 total=27
Radio - Elecraft K2 Ant - Random wire to UNUN. I almost forgot about the Bacon Run. Sat in the back yard and enjoyed a few QSO's on 40 meters. See you all next month. oo.

AA2YO, Gene, 5     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=3 total=21
Very humbling. Who knew pigs were so hard to bag. Used old SG-2020 and vertical. Worked one on 20M and two on 40M. Next time I hope to add 80M

AE4ZR, David R Merritts, 5     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12

KI5II, James, 5w     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
Just got on the tail end and only worked 2. Hope I make it next month the full time