Flying Pigs QRP Club, International is proud to announce

Walk For The Bacon (40 Meter Edition) AKA PigWalk40 CW Contest

This Is a 2 Hour (Total Time)  S L O W  CW Only Contest For 40 Meters Only

Part 1 Operating Window Starts Every First Wednesday Night Of Every Month
(8-9 PM EDT) = (7-8 PM EST) = (0000Z - 0100Z)
Suggested Frequencies from 7050 to 7065 with 7060 the hot spot

Part 2 Operating Window Starts The Very Next Night
(10-11 PM EDT) = (9-10 PM EST) = (0200Z - 0300Z)
Suggested Frequencies from 7110 to 7125 with 7123 the hot spot

Work CW stations only on 40 Meters only
Work the same stations on both days for double points
Maximum CW Speed is 13 WPM (Recommend using Farnsworth Method, maintaining 10-13 WPM or less)
Minimum Exchange: RST, SPC (State/Province/Country), Name and FP# (if a member)
QSO Points: Member = 3 points
QSO Points: Any DX = 5 points (Canada:US Contacts not considered DX)
QSO Points: Non-Member = 1 point
Contest Points = Total of all QSO points for both days.
Power: QRP only ( qrp defined as 5 watts or less RF transmitter output)
Suggest calling "CQ FP" or "CQ OINK.   "---..-.-.-" has a nice ring to it.


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