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Fall 2018 QSO Party - Autolog

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1W3TSMike>250mW - 1 WattABA1281803256320Was Slow but fun. I like the new time slot as I have 12 hours before the PA QSO Party QRM makes it much less fun.
2KN1HJohn Collins>1-5 WattsABA115511911837Great to work everyone! I thought the new time worked out very well.
3AE4YKent>1-5 WattsABA1950124620I had hoped for a higher level of participation. Band conditions were not great, but I managed to work everybody I could find on 80, 40, and 20 meters.
4WB9HFKMark>1-5 WattsSB-80A191010329080M Only. Lots of fun - we need more Members on the air!
72, Mark WB9HFK
5W2JEKDon Younger>1-5 WattsLBA1100093150no activity heard Saturday morning. Wrong time in QST. 73 DON
6K8ZFJRandy>1-5 WattsABA1100093150'heard most activity friday evening on 40/80, lil bit on 20 sat. morning...and then the PA qso party took over :(
7K2JTJoe Mead>1-5 WattsLBA191092961
8KI0GBob Cutter>1-5 WattsSB-20A13304588Condx not too bad, just lack of people. I am going to start logging RBN hits!
9N0EAXRich>250mW - 1 WattSB-40A13003450I always enjoy being able to find some great operators who can find my signal. Thanks to those who did.
10WR4IDennis Terribile>1-5 WattsSB-40A13003315PA QSO party QRM was bad news on 40m
11N4UXABryan>1-5 WattsABA1100135Very limited operating time