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2018 HootOwl Shootout - Autolog

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1W3TSMike Michael>250mW - 1 WattABA11160117370Bands were noisy but active!
2KF7WNSGary>1-5 WattsSB-20A1100150005035Used a K1 battery powered @ 4.5W to 53' end fed wire from 31' pole. I heard many stations on 20m, but only one contact. Thanks Curt/WI5H for staying with me. 72

3K2PIHarv>1-5 WattsABA2650925203W into dipole on 40 and 80, and Hexbeam at 40 Feet on 20. Conditions were actually quite good, despite thunderstorm noise on 40M and 80M. Surprised to contact K7DD in AZ on 20M so late. First QRPARCI contest in quite some time. Looking forward to more participation.
4W2JEKDonald Younger>1-5 WattsLBA172071911Good contest. Only activity on 40 and 80. 72 Don
5K8ZFJrandy>1-5 WattsSB-40A16204952qrparci events r always fun
6WA1GWHGarry Nichols>1-5 WattsSB-40A135058753.5W and a dipole at 15 ft. Thanks for the contacts!
7AF4OChuck>1-5 WattsABA12002140Bands tough here but fun looking for qrp stations
8WI5HCurtis Michael>1-5 WattsSB-20A1100135Thanks Gary KF7WNS only one I could pull out of the QRN.
9WB9HFKMark>1-5 WattsSB-40A110013540M was noisy and I couldn't pull out much activity. 72, Mark WB9HFK