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2018 New Year Sprint - Autolog

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1W0UFOMert Nellis>1-5 WattsABA218601611424Fun to work a bunch of old friends and wish all a HNY. Bands were good enough to be interesting. C U in the next one.
2WB9HFKMark>1-5 WattsABA115601710353As always lots of fun. A very Happy 2018 to all!
72, Mark WB9HFK
3W4QOJim Stafford >1-5 WattsABA21240157140Had about an hour and it was fun! Too cold here to operate outside or maybe too OLD! HNY es GUD DX in 2018. Yeah, right!!! Not with these sunspots!
4K4BAIJOHN>1-5 WattsABA21220125376Not much activity this year. One QSO on 40 and 13 QSOs on 20. Activity picked up as the time went by. Had to QRT about a half hour early due to family arriving for lunch. Wish all a Happy New Year and many QSOs in 2018. 73/72, John.
5VA3RKMRobert MacKenzie>1-5 WattsABA11140125292Conditions were not bad. Glad to work some new calls and say HNY to all. Bob
6WA1GWHGarry>1-5 WattsSB-40A1940103710Good conditions on 40M early in the contest. By noon EST the band seemed much emptier. Maybe folks went up. Kept getting tangled up in other events, but managed to log most anyway. HNY! Garry
7K4WKWayne Robertson>1-5 WattsSB-20A2101082912This was fun; never ran in a contest before.
8WU4BClark Macaulay>1-5 WattsSB-40A162061428Great way to start a new year! Haven't been on the air for a few months due to personal issues AND had a new paddle on the K2 that took getting used to. By the end of the hour me and the new paddle were doing fine. Not many signals heard in Atlanta but still enjoyed the time at the helm.
9K8ZFJrandy>1-5 WattsABA15105945great way to begin 2018. dipole, attached to omni 7, cranked down to 4w, 72s
10KC9TYAMark Thienes>1-5 WattsABA23104476Had a lot of fun, HNY to each of you
11NTMMJIM EWING>1-5 WattsSB-20A13003315Thanks for putting on this sprint. I really love the short time format. Wish the bands could have been better for us this morning, but with this short format, I will be back! Thanks again and Happy New Year to all! 73, Jim N4TMM
12KN1HJohn>1-5 WattsABA12002140Almost missed the sprint completely but remembered at the last minute. Happy New Year to all.