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Spring 2018 QSO Party - Autolog

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1W3TSMike Michael>250mW - 1 WattABA117301614560Almost missed the new start time on Friday night. Still need more publicity on QRP-L every day on the week before the contest to get everyone interested. Very nice spring day with many out side clean up jobs made it difficult to put in a big effort.
2W2JEKDonald Younger>1-5 WattsLBA11300125460Not much activity. Need E-Mails for publicity
3K2ZDMario >1-5 WattsABA11400115390Low activity and poor band conditions but had fun anyway! 72 All de K2ZD Mario
4KN1HJohn Collins>1-5 WattsLBA11220114928Starting Friday Night made for a nice contest. Pretty good activity and probably will be more next time.
5K2JTJoe Mead>1-5 WattsLBA160061260
6K8ZFJRandy>250mW - 1 WattLBA13204760ugh:( using Argo VI, 800mw, solar charged battery, into g5rv, 40 and 80, heard more static than stations. there's always next time
7VE9VICRino>5 WattsLBA1110010550it was fun, yeasu ft900 down to 5 watts,antenna G5RV, I just got a HB1B so I will try it on a few contest soon. Thank to all,73, ve9vic.
8N3CIDavid Edger>1-5 WattsABA13104476KX3 to long wire about 30 feet high. QRN levels very high along with loud buzzing signal moving around on 20. Heard several stations I could not reach, but activity light.
9W2KBFKarl>1-5 WattsSB-40A12204392Just renewed and dusted off my old OHR QRP Spirit (40 CW). Happy to be back on QRP!
10K4RABRick Black>1-5 WattsSB-40A14002280I used the TS-480SAT turned all the way down to 5 watts (as low as it will go.) I went right to 7285 and it would seem that I heard the whole NOGA bunch! Worked K2UFT, NZ2Z, W4QO in the ATL area and also worked W4AKC in AL. Antenna is an inverted V fed with 450 ohm ladder line.
11KF7WNSGary>1-5 WattsSB-20A1100135Had some good spots from CO to WI, one in NC...no one around.
One QSO John/AL7JK...didn't get skunked!
12AL7JKJohn>5 WattsABA1110214 Fun weekend at the radios ! Thanks to the ARCI club for this event. Completed two 2x Qrp Qso's during the spring Qso party. KF7WNS, Gary popped up out of the noise level at exactly 2358 utc, we quickly exchanged the required info with some time to spare, Hi ! 73 to all, see you on the bands !