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2018 Summer Homebrew Sprint - Autolog

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1K4AKCTom Hatter>1-5 WattsSB-40A163071000011764I used my K1 to feed an end-fed zepp vertical wire via a ZM-2 balanced tuner. The antenna is matched with 300-ohm window line. I was on top of a mountain. Signals were very weak on 20 meters, so I stayed on 40 meters. I found a shady spot under a tree. It was humid, but I had fun. 4.8 watts #10936.
2W0ITTGARY H FREEMAN>1-5 WattsSB-40A1330650005882Short time, but still 6 QSO's in about an hour. I used my just built QCX transceiver which limited me to 40 meters (my favorite band anyway :-)). It's always a pleasure meeting other QRP operators on the air.
72 de Gary W0ITT #16185
3VE3DQNDon Hekman>1-5 WattsSB-40A1100150005035I thought the afternoon was going to be a total wipeout. I heard few signals, some would be readable for less than a minute. I called some, and a few came back with QRZ? or VE3? Finally made one legit QSO. Should I submit a report? Well, two hours in 90+F temps is worth 5000 points, hi.
4WB9HFKMark>250mW - 1 WattSB-40A111020140ICOM 7300 @ 900 mW to an OCF Dipole at 25 Ft. I didn't hear alot of activity. Sorry to those I missed down in the noise.
5VE9BELBernard R. LeBel>250mW - 1 WattSB-20A11001050Worked with my FT-817 battery powered at 1W into an End-Fed Dipole in some trees in my backyard. Propagation was bad on 20M, but had fun anyway. 73!