QRP Amateur Radio Club International
2017 Top Band Sprint - Autolog

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1W3TSMike>250mW - 1 WattA1151202019800Good turn out for this contest. Worked all I heard sooner or later due to QSB.
2K1WHSDave Olean>1-5 WattsA1161001711900I missed a few contacts. I think I hear better than I get out with the 5 watts. Best contact was KF7MD (CO). We almost worked at 0150 UT, but got lost in QSB. We had a great contact at 0302. Things got pretty slow the last hour. Only 2 stations worked. The sprint sure was fun.
3WB8YYYCurt>1-5 WattsA11150135915When 2 others joined calling on my run frequency at the beginning, about 1.7 kHz up from the middle, I knew propagation was not ideal. I heard well using my short Beverage, except that several called way off zero beat. Still a fun time at the rig.
4W2SHCharles Moizeau>1-5 WattsA11150135915Condx were well below my expectations. Furthest distance achieved from NJ was a bit less than 1,100 miles for a very strained QSO with WA5BDU in AR. 270' cf sloping dipole, avg. height 45'; inverted L, 86' up & 68' out. Rig: Tentec Argo 6.
5W9CCLarry>1-5 WattsA11140125292
6WB9HFKMark>1-5 WattsA1870134914Lots of fun. I missed a couple who were down in my noise.
7WD8RIFW. Eric McFadden>1-5 WattsA1860114004Very tough band conditions. Many of the stations I worked were at "ESP" signal strength.
8VE3DQNDon>1-5 WattsA163082016After an hour noise level increased, and I didn't hear any new calls. So called it an evening. Fun as usual.
9KN1HJohn>1-5 WattsA154081848It's not easy working qrp on top band, but such a lot of fun!
10K8ZFJRandy>1-5 WattsA122043921st time on 160m with 204 ft. g5rv, TT eagle cranked down to 5w.
'always a good time to play in an ARCI 'test, even if limited hrs available. 72's
11AA5TBSteve>1-5 WattsA12204392I was using my usual 1/8 wave inverted-L. Just not much QRP activity in my part of the country on 160 m. But I had fun.
12WA4ZOFTom>5 WattsA15016174nice sprint and plenty of signals. I ran a Ten Tec ARGO 6 @ 5w into a 1/2 wave end fed.
good FUN...
13VE3IDSDon>1-5 WattsA11012126Heard a few more but to far in the noise to copy
14W2JEKdonald c. younger>1-5 WattsA1110298got on late, not much activity