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WALK for the BACON (40 Meter Edition)
Autolog for March - 2023

Your Call:

WB9HFK, Mark, IL, 5W fpqso1=2, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=2, Day_1_Total= 8 fpqso2=7, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=1, Day_2_Total= 22 , PigWalk40 Total: 30
Day 1: Thanks to K2CWM, and N3VO for the Member Q's. And, to WB5HOW and N7DRW for the non-Member Q's. QRN levels pretty high this evening from Storms to my South. Sorry to anyone who may have called and I just could not hear. 72, Mark WB9HFK oo
Day 2: Still quite a bit of QRN. Thanks to Members KA2KGP, W4NLT, N3VO, KD2YMM, K0FHG, KE8AOL, and W8TEE and non-Member KI4MZC for the Q's!
Let's get more activity going next time! 72, Mark WB9HFK oo

KA2KGP, Tom, NY, 5w fpqso1=1, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 3 fpqso2=8, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=1, Day_2_Total= 25 , PigWalk40 Total: 28
Lots of Mud on the 40m. bandyard 1st day. Only 1 oinker heard. 2nd day was better with 9 squeelers heard here in the WNY barnyard. Rig: IC-7000 pig finder at 5 w. into a G5RV up 25 ft. w/ straight key. 73 to all us piggies.

W4NLT, Andy, VA, 5W fpqso1=0, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 0 fpqso2=5, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=1, Day_2_Total= 16 , PigWalk40 Total: 16
Day 1 Asleep at the switch. Will try tomorrow.
Day 2 Worked KA2KGP and WB9HFK and new comers N3VO, KD2YMM and W8TEE. Otherwise quiet except for several digital stations.
TKS for the QSOs 72 OO

KI4MZC, DON, GA, 5 fpqso1=0, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 0 fpqso2=3, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 9 , PigWalk40 Total: 9

K2CWM, Curt, NJ, 5w fpqso1=1, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 3 fpqso2=0, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 0 , PigWalk40 Total: 3
Day One: Just one contact (tnx Mark). Quit early as I spent some time in the SKCC Saunter so I am all keyed-out (hi hi).
Day Two: Forgot, sorry. OINK!

WB5HOW, Victor , TX, 5 watts  fpqso1=1, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 3 fpqso2=0, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 0 , PigWalk40 Total: 3
Thanks Mark - only your station heard tonight Heavy QRN in TX tonight

KE8AOL, Jack, MI, 2.2W fpqso1=0, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 0 fpqso2=1, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 3 , PigWalk40 Total: 3
Thank you, Mark! 2.2 HB watts and a rusty straight key, here.
My first Flying Pigs event contact and my first QSO with the Land of Lincoln! Or tonight, the Land of Oinkin! Your sig and fist were FB. TU, Jack.

Total Contest Entries: 7