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WALK for the BACON (40 Meter Edition)
Autolog for December - 2022

Your Call:

W4NLT, Andy, VA, 5W fpqso1=1, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 3 fpqso2=0, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 0 , PigWalk40 Total: 3
Day 1 Oh that was sad. Only piggie heard/worked was Mark WB9HFK. Only a few other stations heard on 40. ACRI 160M Sprint was going on at the same time and grabbed 2 QSOs there. Hope more show up for Day 2. 72 OO
Well Day 2 was worse. No joy. Wasn't hearing much on the band.
72 OO

Total Contest Entries: 1