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WALK for the BACON (40 Meter Edition)
Autolog for December - 2023

Your Call:

KA2KGP, Tom, NY, 5w fpqso1=6, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=1, Day_1_Total= 19 fpqso2=4, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 12 , PigWalk40 Total: 31
Worked WB9HFK both days. Oinks & Squeels were faint here in the WNY Barnyard as signals were weak. Fewer piggies on 2nd day. We need more Hogs & Sows in the Bacon Runs ! 73 to all us piggies.

WB9HFK, Mark , IL, 5W fpqso1=6, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 18 fpqso2=3, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 9 , PigWalk40 Total: 27
Day 1: Thanks to fellow Piggies KA2KGP, KT1K, N3AZB, WB5HOW, WD4EX and KF2P for the QSO's! I hope we have more participation tomorrow evening! 72, Mark WB9HFK oo
Day 2: Thanks to KA2KGP, WB5HOW and K3EMS for the FP Q's.
Otherwise it was pretty lonely this evening. 72, Mark WB9HFK oo

K9QEW, Daryl, IL, 5 fpqso1=2, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=1, Day_1_Total= 7 fpqso2=3, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 9 , PigWalk40 Total: 16
Limited operating time both days. Day 1 poor conditions Day 2
conditions better. Tnx to all. 72/73 & STAY TUNED! Daryl oo

WD9EGW, Chuck, IL, 5W fpqso1=2, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 6 fpqso2=2, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 6 , PigWalk40 Total: 12
I got on late, half way through.
Worked KA2KGP and WD4EX. Thanks for the contacts.
Heard N3AZB.
Day Two: Worked KA2KGP and K3EMS. Heard WB5HOW & WQ5X, but could not reach them. Thanks for the contacts.
72 Chuck

KT1K, Bob, MA, 5 watts fpqso1=3, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 9 fpqso2=0, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 0 , PigWalk40 Total: 9
Day 1 Back after a few years ..worked the easy ones.. WB9HFK K9QEW & KA2KGP all strong in Massachusetts tnx guys
Day 2 NOBODY !!!!

K3EMS, Joe, Pa, 5 watts fpqso1=0, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 0 fpqso2=3, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 9 , PigWalk40 Total: 9
Day 2- 3 pigs in the log despite high noise level here on 40.I apologize for the extra dits and dahs- I'm blaming my keyer but I suspect my fingers are the real culprit.
72 till next time!

WB5HOW, Victor Canizaro, TX, 5w fpqso1=1, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 3 fpqso2=1, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=1, Day_2_Total= 4 , PigWalk40 Total: 7
Thanks Mark, Only piggy heard with my heavy QRN Day 2 Tks again Mark, Tks to the station trying to answer my CQ on 7.123,only got a couple of letters in your call, also WO7T an SKCC Ham

N3AZB, Dennis, Maryland, 5 watts fpqso1=2, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 6 fpqso2=0, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 0 , PigWalk40 Total: 6
Day One:
First hour worked WB9HFX and WD4EX.
A lot of QRM from FT-8.
Second hour nothing.
Postscript: There isn't a second hour in this contest. No wonder I didn't make any contacts then. One of these days I'll get it right.
Not doing day two as I need my beauty sleep.

N8ZVX, Bob, MI, 5W fpqso1=1, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 3 fpqso2=0, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 0 , PigWalk40 Total: 3
Tried to work WB9HFK, but QSB and local QRM got bad for a bit. Thanks for trying, I just couldn't pull you in. Was able to work KA2KGP.

KE8AOL, Jack, MI, 3W fpqso1=0, dxqso1=0, nonfpqso1=0, Day_1_Total= 0 fpqso2=1, dxqso2=0, nonfpqso2=0, Day_2_Total= 3 , PigWalk40 Total: 3
Tnx K9QEW Daryl! 539, but steady. You fist was an easy copy. HPE CU AGN ..

Total Contest Entries: 10